Work Evolution hosted a “Work Like a Mother Mixer” networking event for working Moms on June 3rd at the beautiful URBN Cowork in south Edmonton. The purpose of the event was to provide working mothers opportunities for discussion and information sharing.

Event Summary

The moderator, Jill Carlson (a part-time salesperson and mother-of-two) did a fantastic job of keeping the discussion moving as panelists discussed everything from their own flexible working arrangements, why flexibility is important to them, building a culture that supports flexibility, child care, the value of a side hustle, and “mom guilt”. Some of the more memorable discussion included:

  • Ashley Davis (the first part-timer in the University of Alberta’s Office of Advancement and mother-of-two) shared her early decision that she wanted her work to be a part of who she was, not define who she was and how she remains intentional about decisions related to that. She also challenges others who say “I wish I could have that” (when referring to her arrangements) by asking “why not?” and working with them to figure out how.
  • Stacey Boychuk Cooper (balancing teaching and practicing accounting while raising two little girls) talked about how the decisions she made during her maternity leave to maintain her accounting practice actually led to its growth to the point where she recently merged with a larger firm. She also discussed the trade-offs that she makes both professionally and with her husband and believes that she “can have it all, just not all at once”.
  • David Cronin (proudly married to a mother and co-founder of DevFacto) talked about the culture they are building at DevFacto based on treating people how they would want to be treated. He also shared that their philosophy has been tested by clients and they stay true to their priority of “people first”, allowing team members to work in ways that work for where they are in life. The end result? Loyalty.

We would also like to extend a huge thank you to those who contributed to the event:

  • Heather Quist at URBN Cowork for letting us use their space
  • Jenifer Horvath of HeartLifted for donating the door prize and greeting guests as they arrived
  • Jill Carlson of Biolase, URBN Cowork, and Oxygen Fitness and Yoga for contributions to the goodie bags
  • Jazlynn Steinbach for lending a hand with the social media during the event

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