This blog post is part of the “Making it Work” series, where we share the stories of professionals who are working flexibly.

Frédérick Audet is an educator who founded Learn Square in 2017 after leaving his traditional role as a high school teacher. He has been married for 10 years, has two young children, and loves being active. Biking, rollerblading, hockey, weightlifting, gardening and photography are among his favourite activities.

From Teacher to Business Owner

Frédérick left teaching behind  to pursue something that he was more passionate about. He also dreamed of a lifestyle that afforded him more flexibility. He found that his work in the high school was both rewarding and demanding of his time. It was easy for him to get lost in the day-to-day activities that came with a strict environment, schedules and routines. He found himself longing for more adventure and control of his own time. Frédérick shared more about his story in this video on the Learn Square site.

Harnessing his passion for education and the observations he made of his parents and grandparents (business owners themselves), Frédérick decided to create Learn Square. Learn Square blends learning design and coaching to help organizations take learning to new heights.

Entrepreneur Life

One of Frédérick’s core values is “growth”, in both a personal and professional sense. As a business owner, Frédérick likes that he can set his daily agenda. He can dedicate more time to the activities that he enjoys. Frédérick has learned a lot about himself and his preferred work style now that he is self-employed. He is a social person and replaced the classroom interactions with intentional opportunities to connect as an entrepreneur.

Frédérick does not have a typical day and thrives on always changing his environment and activities. His planning style is unique: he plans his months, days and weeks using a paper planner rather than fancy technology. He highlights the days that he is facilitating workshops in yellow and books client meetings throughout the month. He is careful not to overbook himself so that he can support his wife’s career and be involved with his children. Frédérick might squeeze in some time at the gym on days that he isn’t facilitating workshops.

Frédérick has a formal office in his walk-out basement and loves the natural light – a stark contrast from the schools he taught in. He also works on client sites, in coffee shops, and spends time attending networking events.

Pros and Cons of Flexible Work

The benefits of flexible work for Frédérick are a by-product of his decision to be his own boss and all come down to being in charge of his schedule. He can tailor it to meet his family’s needs, work when he is most productive, and run personal errands in the daytime. He also spends more time on the things he enjoys and less time on the things he doesn’t.

One downside of flexible work is Frédérick has to be careful about blurring the line between family and work. He finds it easy to lose track of time and a 10-minute activity in the evening can take him away for much longer. In this sense, he doesn’t want to get consumed by his passion and is careful about not burning out.

The other downside for Frédérick, is that working for home can be lonely and isolating. He tries to combat that by working in coffee shops and booking his client meetings evenly throughout the month rather than all in the same week.

Frédérick Audet is making it work!

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