This blog post is part of the “Making it Work” series, where we share the stories of professionals who are working flexibly.

Marc Picton is a sales professional who understands his preferred work style and sought out a role earlier this year where he can be at his best. He is a Sales Representative in the Products division of Mainroad Group and he has a lot of work flexibility. Marc is newly married to his beautiful bride, Franca Brodett. He is also “dad” to a new puppy and enjoys golf, ball hockey, and listening to music.

Know Thyself

Marc knows that flexible work, and especially the degree of flexibility that he has, isn’t for everyone. He learned early in his career that he didn’t like to “sit in an office” all day, which led him to a career in sales. Marc also knows that he prefers independence and autonomy and doesn’t require detailed instruction or guidance. Recently Marc has worked for leaders who are more focused on the results and less concerned about the actual hours he spends working.

Marc works from home when he isn’t travelling Western Canada. He schedules his day for the hours that he is most productive: typically mid-morning to early (or sometimes late) evening. He works when he needs to and frequently adjusts his schedule to accommodate customers. His work is also seasonal; it is busy in the spring and fall, steady in the summer, and slower in the winter.

Marc has several strategies to stay motivated when working from home:

  • He works in 45-minute focused bursts then allows himself a short break before changing his attention to something else
  • He frequently gets out of the house (away from distractions) and works at Starbucks

Advice & The Difficult Conversations

Marc believes that there is a lot more work flexibility available than people are aware of and encourages job seekers to initiate the “difficult conversation” early. (He quickly clarified that difficult does not always mean bad.) His advice is to bring up flexibility in an interview and to keep the conversation focused on productivity. Marc trusts that employers who are focused on outcomes will be open to discussing flexible options with job candidates.

The last piece of advice that Marc offers job seekers who are looking for flexibility is to be realistic. Working flexibly isn’t for everyone – it requires the right person with the right mindset.

Marc Picton

Marc is making it work!

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