This blog post is part of the “Making it Work” series, where we share the stories of professionals who are working flexibly.

Rhys Morgan is working flexibly and building a company to help others do the same.

Rhys is the Owner and Managing Partner of Morgan Thomas, a Business and Technology Consulting firm located in Edmonton, Alberta. He knows the value and importance of work-life balance after spending 20 years in Big Four firms. Rhys concluded that there must be a different way to live life than working every waking hour investing your valuable time into “big corporates”. As a result, he left his previous Partner role to create a company that offers greater flexibility to staff regarding their work-life balance and compensation.

Rhys hires smart and energetic professionals that he has unwavering trust in. He trusts (and knows) that they will figure out the best way to do things. They are expected to work 40 hours each week but how, when and where is at their discretion. It can be dependent on their project(s) and workload. He has high expectations of the quality of their outcomes.

Benefits and Challenges

Rhys likes that he is able to create opportunities for other professionals to achieve better work-life balance through Morgan Thomas. He also likes that he can more easily support his family when they need it. Other benefits for Rhys are that he can set his own schedule and doesn’t have to deal with time-drains such as non-stop internal conference calls.

Although he appreciates it himself, Rhys believes that flexible working isn’t for everyone. His advice to others who are considering flexible working is ensure you know what your employer expectations are and be careful that your flexible working does not creep into working full-time hours. He also emphasizes the level of trust required between the employee and leader.

These days Rhys spends his working hours running the practice, developing business relationships, sales, client service excellence, and managing the team. Rhys spends his non-working time with his family and two young daughters. He is also co-founder of Togondo, a property management solution for condominiums.

Rhys is making it work!

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