For Organizations

Flexible Work for Your Business

We know that flexible work complements opportunities that exist in many businesses:

  • Growing organizations that require professional expertise on a part-time basis
  • Organizations that wish to reduce overhead expenses by implementing remote work programs
  • Organizations that need to hire professionals to meet seasonal demands
  • Professional roles that experience high turnover that traditional employment models could not resolve
  • Coverage for professionals taking a leave of absence (medical, parental, sabbatical, etc.)

Organizations that partner with Work Evolution will receive assistance in establishing flexible work programs, access to a community of professionals who are seeking flexible employment, and resources that support flexibility in the workplace.

What is Flexible Work?


Less than 40 hours per week.

Flexible Location

Telecommuting, working from home.

Flexible Schedule

Flexible or non-traditional working hours.


Contract, seasonal, freelancing.

How Can We Help?

Flexible Work Programs

We will work with your organization to define, implement, and measure a flexible work program that supports your objectives and culture.

Recruitment Solutions

Recruit and hire talented professionals for flexible work roles. Access our membership database to find candidates and qualify them against your requirements.

Workshops & Seminars

We are passionate about flexible work and want to share what we know. Book a workshop or seminar for your staff, managers, or human resources team