Workshops and Seminars

Specialized Education for Organizations

We believe that work is evolving, and flexible work will soon be the “new normal.” We are passionate about this and want to share what we know by conducting a workshop or seminar for your staff, managers, or human resources team.

Our workshops and seminars focus on core flexible work concepts and real-world strategies for organizations interested in incorporating flexible roles into their business model. A the end of your session, you will come away with a clear understanding of what flexible work is and how you can integrate flexible work into your business model to benefit your organization.

What is flexible work?

Learn about how flexible work is defined and the types of flexible work that fit best with your needs.

How can your organization benefit from flexible work?

Every organization’s needs are different, and we can help provide the knowledge you need to maximize the benefit of flexible work in your organization.

How does flexible work resolve common workplace issues?

Issues such as high turnover, low productivity, work volume seasonality and organizational growing pains are just some of the challenges that integrating flexible work options can help organizations overcome.

How can your organization implement flexible work?

There are several types of flexible work and more than one way to approach implementing a flexible work strategy. Learn about which ones are right for you and how to get the most from them.

What can you learn from flexible work case studies?

Plenty of organizations are already using flexible work options to enhance their success. Learn from their experience and use what you learn to develop your own flexible work strategy.

“She was quite a lovely presenter … she was clear and concise. She stuck to the topic.”

– CPA session attendee

Want to learn more about our workshops and seminars?

If you are interested in learning more about how flexible work can benefit your organization, use the form below to contact us regarding availability and pricing. We will follow up with you shortly.