Have you heard the term, “Digital Nomad” and are interested in knowing what it means? It is someone who uses technology to perform their work remotely, allowing them to live a nomadic lifestyle. A digital nomad is not tied to any physical location.

Careers for Digital Nomads

Some of the early digital nomads were freelance photographers and writers. They documented their travels and sold their work to magazines and newspapers. In a sense, they were paid to travel.

These days, digital nomads are becoming more common with other professions and aren’t limited to freelancers. For example:

  • A corporate recruiter who sources and vets job candidates across the country using Skype or other telecommunications tools for face-to-face interactions.
  • A claims adjuster who communicates with clients via telephone or email and accesses claims information via the company’s online systems.
  • An educator who teaches English online to international students.

Where do Digital Nomads Work?

The point of this style of work is that a digital nomad can work from anywhere. Their hometown, a different city, a rural location, a different country. They typically need to be connected to the Internet while working so may opt for locations such as a coffee shop, a co-working space, a hotel, or a residence.

Pros and Cons for the Digital Nomad

Many digital nomads choose this way of working for the lifestyle. Digital nomads value the freedom and flexibility. Without a fixed work location, they are free to explore and travel the world while still earning income.

Conversely, digital nomads with roles that require regular office hours or scheduled appointments, may find it difficult to travel across time zones. Some individuals also find it unsettling to not have an office or a “home-base”, or consistent in-person interactions with their coworkers.

Where to find a Digital Nomad Role

Many of the popular freelancing sites have professional roles that could be performed by digital nomads (e.g., Upwork, Freelancer, or Fiverr). Alternately, a job candidate or employee may choose to negotiate arrangements with an employer that supports a nomadic lifestyle.

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